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bits & pieces of a small ceramic production studio's life. and the people who run it :)
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Wrapping up the painting on pieces for @redarrowworkshop - Hoping everything comes out from the bisque firing! #productionpottery #porcelain #potterystudio #redarrowworkshop #louisiana #fingerscrossed #handmadeinchicago (at Circa Ceramics)

We were dying to unload this kiln-Very happy with the colours so far, though we already see one cup to be replaced due to kiln spit. 2 more shelves to go! Back to painting for me, casting for Andy :)
#handmadeinchicago #porcelain #pottery #functionalceramics #productionpottery #cups #custom #brewcityonline #milwaukee (at Circa Ceramics)

Stripey-stripes for lidded bowls. Almost ready to paint cups. They’re the most challenging because of the handle interruption. I consider these all a warm up :) #stripes #potterystudio #handmadeinchicago (at Circa Ceramics)


Brooklyn-based artist Sam Friedman


Sam Wolfe Connelly at Hashimoto Contemporary.

Up currently at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, California is the group show “Lore" and it features several new pieces by artist Sam Wolfe Connelly.  Connelly’s brilliance within the darkness he portrays in his work is at full display in the show’s pieces and they’re very well priced.  Perhaps this is a good time to add to or start collecting?

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New York based painter John Wesley 

Getting of the subway at St. Tropez, 1993

Maiden, 1965

Concord, 2004 


Surreal black drawings by Aurel Schmidt 

Here’s Andy jiggering our 12oz cup. Enjoy :) (at Circa Ceramics)


The mysterious figures from street artist Daan Botlek.

SURPRISE! We’re having a Flashy-Flash Sale in our Etsy shop on Spoon Rests! $20 (normally $25) We listed “ready to ship” ones as well as the “made to order” ones - Sale is now until Monday night, July 14. Enjoy and please share :) Thank you!